I founded Mindfulness Minutes in 2017 in response to a number of my clients who wanted to be able to transfer the work we were doing on a one-to-one basis into their workplaces to facilitate group wellbeing.

My aim for Mindfulness Minutes is to spread the practice of mindfulness throughout the business, education and social sectors.  Mindfulness Minutes aims to get you in control of your mind so that you are always functioning to your highest ability, and are in control over where your awareness is drawn.  In an increasingly busy world where your awareness is the target of multiple technological markets and media corporations, awareness is a currency more valuable than gold.  We are coming to learn that our awareness is what drives the world we live and in order to be productive towards our own focus, we must learn to master where we expend it.  Mindfulness Minutes is a psychological tool that enables us to focus fully on what it is that we want to put our energy into, and enables us to filter out the excess white noise of an overloaded, overstimulated world.  As a practitioner of Mindfulness, my aim is to teach you techniques tailored to your own business, educational or social needs so that you or your group members are equipped with a mental toolkit that  maintains a sharp mind and a focused awareness.

I come from an experienced background that includes psychology, philosophy, physics and the study of socio-organisational structures.  I have worked extensively in the educational sector in order to understand the most efficient way to learn and teach and have also studied experimental techniques using the sub-conscious mind.  I am an experienced lucid-dreamer and remote-perspective viewer, which means I have trained my awareness to a high degree so that I am able to create and simulate ideas whilst in a semi-conscious state in order to problem solve for both myself and others.  This is a highly useful tool for generating creative and experimental ideas.  Throughout work with myself and others, I have used many different techniques tailored to each individual/group and their wants and needs ranging from focusing the mind on present tasks whilst minimising distractions, to altering ingrained behavioural habits that may be holding oneself back.

I provide a service on a one-on-one or group basis in order to facilitate Mindfulness Minutes in a variety of organisations with multiple aims.  Mindfulness is proven to increase productivity and efficiency as well as facilitate a calmer, happier and healthier individual/group.

If you want to experience the benefits of Mindfulness Minutes, please feel free to get in contact and I hope to see you soon.



– Kelly Johnson, Founder of Mindfulness Minutes