Mindfulness Minutes also offers sessions for primary and secondary school-age children. Our childrens’ packages are age appropriate and teach the most basic skills in mindfulness.  These packages enable children to begin to engage with controlling their own thoughts and emotions in response to the world they are beginning to engage with.  Children benefit from basic breathing exercises that ease them into bringing mindfulness into their everyday activities and relationships.  Children respond very well to mindfulness and their attention-span and awareness improves greatly.  Children are encouraged to use the techniques learnt in these sessions to control their behaviour in and out of the classroom.  As a mindfulness practitioner who has trained in alternative methods of education,  the benefits of techniques transfer to the school at large.  School staff are encouraged to attend the sessions as they too, will benefit from the techniques.  These sessions are often given as one-off workshops that can be scheduled according to school needs.


Sessions are highly recommended before exam periods as children of all ages can really benefit from guided Mindfulness Minutes sessions in connection with intense periods of examination that may induce stress.