Lucid Living: Lucid Dreaming


My passion and excitement really comes in when I explore lucidity- both in waking and sleeping.  I have explored lucidity at many different levels of consciousness and enjoy continuing to do so!  I’m sharing everything I have learnt and passing on what works and what doesn’t from my own personal experience.  I have realised through my own life the effect that lucid dreaming has on every other level of our existence (and there are many!).  Join me for Lucid Living: Lucid Dreaming and become your own lucidity explorer.

The beneficial side effects of lucid living and lucid dreaming are infinite and are the biggest gift you could give to yourself.  Meditation is an imperative part of lucidity exploration but my aim is to incorporate ancient truths through modern techniques particularly suited to the western mind.  The techniques I use in my sessions have all come from my own exploration and I feel this is where what I have to offer differs from everybody else.  I am a relatively young person in this field and have grown up in London surrounded by completely “normal” and “mainstream” people and society.  The difference is that I was born with what I now know to be an acute sense of awareness.

For me this is a natural ability that I have had to learn to cope with by myself in a world that was not in alignment with this heightened awareness- and have had a very turbulent life as I tried to understand myself and how I fit into the world.  I have become aware that what I have a natural tendency for is something that people actively search for and feel that I want to help and encourage others to find what I have: a feeling of being at home in world after a long time of feeling that my home was somewhere else.

Lucid Living: Lucid Dreaming will show you that your place in the world has always been within you, and that you are always already home.