Kelly Rose

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Kelly Rose was born on January the 6th, 1991.  She arrived early morning on a cold January Sunday.  She was born in South West London to modest roots.  She was brought up by her Mother and kept company by her brother.

Kelly was a very gifted and talented child showing great artistic and creative abilities from a very early age.  She was always drawn towards the arts and humanities throughout her schooling, and excelled in all areas of study.

Kelly left home at the age of 16 after many turbulent years in a troubled home-life.  She made her own way in the world at this young age and went through many life-learning challenges.  These challenges put her in good stead to be able to endure what the future was to throw at her.  She studied Fine Art at A-level and went on to study History of Art at Goldsmiths University of London, before turning her attention to meditation and spirituality.  Kelly underwent an intense process of spiritual growth and transformation that notably began in 2012.  Since her initial awakening, Kelly has explored many areas of Eastern and Western spirituality before following her unique soul expression as a Lucid Living Explorer.  She continues to grow in all areas of her life and wishes to help others that are on a path to more conscious living, and those wishing to explore consciousness through its infinite expressions.

Kelly has no formal training in meditation, spirituality or lucid dreaming.  She has not had any formal teacher/master, and has discovered living lucidly through her own efforts.  She continues to play the role of explorer when it comes to consciousness, and uses her lack of formal teaching as the basis of her own personal practice.  All methods she uses have been found through her own trial and error, growing up as a modern child in the new millenium.  She believes in a contemporary approach to what is traditionally known as spirituality and instead prefers to talk about living lucidly.  Kelly adapts all that she has learnt to every new situation and person she meets, using her fine-tuned sensitivities to translate ancient wisdom into user-friendly language that each individual can understand in their own terms.  Her broad knowledge of subjects means that the transcendental wisdom she accesses is grounded in easily relatable subjects to each individual she encounters… therefore expect tailor-made lucidity.

Kelly is now sharing her awareness in order to enable a completely lucid living experience for the ALL and every.