Corporate Groups

groupiconIn order to facilitate the most effective Mindful training for businesses, it is recommended to book the Corporate Groups package.

This package is aimed at groups of up to 20 individuals whose aim is to bring heightened focus and awareness into their working day.  This is facilitated by morning “assemblies” that last for 30 minutes.  Ideally, these assemblies should occur every morning over the course of the working week and enable the most solid and consistent foundation for grounding heightened awareness into the full working day.  Each morning assembly is structured in order to eradicate distractions that have distorted the minds’ focus up until the point of assembly so that each member meets their working day with what is called “beginners mind”.  This disentangles employees from mental, physical and emotional issues that may otherwise be a hindrance to the productivity of the day.  Various stilling of the mind techniques and breath-work are introduced according to the ability of the group.  The assembly is concluded with positive affirmations that enable efficiency, clarity and centering so that all members leave refreshed, energised and empowered.

The side effects of these kind of mind focusing techniques is also beneficial to individuals’ wellbeing, and often increases team communication as well as encouraging an enthusiastic, more positive atmosphere in the workplace.  It is not uncommon for these effects to overflow into each individuals personal life.

Included in this package is a built in re-conciliation service so that any grievances that individuals feel towards one-another in the group are worked through with mindful attention via our mindfulness practitioners.  This is a highly effective resource for organisations with close-knit teams that require open communication at all times, and enables the team to grow together so that individual-to-group relations remain as efficient and as productive as possible for the overall socio-organisational network.

This package is available according to your business operating times and is tailored around your organisations start times.