I also offer one-to-one sessions.  These consist of an initial free 30 minute consultation followed by weekly one hour sessions at a cost of £45* per session (6 weeks at £33 when booked in advance).

In our initial consultation, I will give you a brief body reading, and we will discuss what it is specifically you would like to work on.  Following sessions are then dedicated to advancing you in this area in the method of healing best suited to you (this could take the form of diet change, exercise program, psychology techniques, spiritual work, dream-healing etc.).

I also offer one-to-one sessions for those wanting to progress in their lucid-dreaming practice.  In these sessions I will help you to develop your lucid dreaming potential and abilities.  This includes tips and techniques, as well as structured guidance on integrating lucid dreaming practice into your waking life.  These sessions are for those wanting to use lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice in order to help integrate and understand the underlying nature of reality.  I work with beginners and advanced practitioners.

I am happy to travel to you in the London area, and I also hold Skype sessions at £30 each.  These need to be arranged in advanced.  I recommend a quiet and private environment for sessions, but understand this may not always be possible.

Please contact me below for further details:



*I offer concessions to students, those 65+ and those on JSL or Income Support.