Mugwort Tea: “Dream Tea”, (It works!)

So today I am reviewing my first use of the herb nick-named “Dream Tea”.  It’s name is Mugwort.

I am somebody who traditionally does not use anything to “cheat” my consciousness experience and so I really considered whether I was suited and ready to use this herb.  I know I am SUPER sensitive and so I knew it would work well (if it did have these influences on dreams). Obviously I am a well-practiced and experienced “lucid-dreamer”, and so I thought it would be OK to try, I have worked very hard on controlling my thoughts.  As of late I have also been particularly drawn to healing earlier childhood traumas and so I thought I am in the perfect space to try something new.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered 100g of dried Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris), and I’d stayed away from internet stories of the herb as I wanted fresh eyes with it.  Last night, I brewed a pot of Mugwort Tea in a metal teapot, left it for 7 minutes to brew and drank one cup just before bed, as did my partner (who has no interest in dreams or spirituality at all!).

First off, I did notice my body seemed to go into paralysis quite quickly and willingly, but I didn’t feel like consciously falling asleep as I wanted to see what the “tea” could do.  I fell asleep quickly (as always!), and was having normal un-lucid dreams.  These dreams weren’t particularly vivid (I normally have very vivid dreams anyway), and my dream recall was the same as usual.  I did notice that I had some flashbacks to childhood, but wasn’t sure if this was more to do with my conscious effort to heal the Root Chakra at the moment.

I woke up around 6.30am as my partner was getting up and out of bed, he kissed me goodbye and I fell back to sleep.

Then… in my dream I was walking with my friend Shinade through a “bad neighbourhood”, there were lots of un-healthy people around, with low energies.  I told her we are not meant to be in this place and we walked into a nicer part of town.  Then I noticed Shinade wasn’t holding her form.  She kept morphing into two other male characters.  I noticed this and thought “ah! I’m dreaming!”.  I said to Shinade that I am now dreaming and so I began to think to definitely test if I was or not.  I began to work out that my partner had woken up and left at 6.30am (in real time) and I must have fallen back asleep.  I also noticed that my housemate always leaves at 7.30am (and slams the door) which always wakes me up, so I am somewhere in-between those times and that I would likely be woken up shortly.  My sure fire test about lucidity is to see if I can fly, and so I began to will myself off the ground.  Sure enough, I shot up into the sky and began climbing up and up.  I could see a beautiful horizon and looked down to see a field full of flowers and baby animals (lame I know, but I always go straight to flowers and animals when I have a lucid dream :D).  I could see beautiful lights all around and the sky darkened so that it was a starry night sky.  I started to just enjoy my lucidity… sure enough I was woken up with a bang!  I opened my eyes into familiar surroundings and realised “oh!”, “the tea must have worked!”.

My thoughts:

Seeing as I normally have to be quite structured about lucid dreams, or fall asleep consciously to have one, I thought the only explanation for the longevity of my lucidity this time must be the tea!  It could just be co-incidence, but I will of course try it out again (maybe next week), to see if it triggers anything.  I could certainly say that normally my “mental” recall isn’t usually that good in lucid dreams (as in normally I’m not prone to working out timings etc. in relativity to the real time zone), so maybe there is something particularly affected in my “mental body” by the herb.

Please let me know any thoughts, comments or experiences YOU have had using this herb as I’d love to hear others’ feedback.

From what I feel, there are no side-effects and the packet says it can even help with digestion, liver function and menstruation!

So after one use, I’d be inclined to say that yes- this really is Dream Tea! Enjoy!



*Note to self: all is projection of the mind! Even lucid dreams!*


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  1. Interesting. You’re post inspired me to go through my dream reports and analyze my experiences with mugwort. I have also tried Kava and motherwort for dreaming. You’ve inspired me to compile an analysis of my findings on these 3 plants, but for now I’ll give you the run down of my experience with mugwort.

    The first time I drank mugwort tea I also had a lucid dream. The lucidity in the dream was decent, I was able to remember my goal for the dream, but not much else. I think the length was about average for me. The dream ended up being slightly prophetic in a vague sense.

    I drank the tea 7 more times in the span of 9 days after that. I did not have a lucid dream during that time, but each of those nights I did have very vivid, powerful dreams, often accompanied by strong hypnagogic and/or hypnopompic images/experiences/hallucinations.

    I then did not drink the tea for 11 days. During this break I had 2 lucid dreams. Then I drank the tea and had no dreams at all. I took another 8 day break with no tea and had 1 lucid dream. Then I drank the tea again and had dreams, but nothing strong or significant.

    The very next night after this I decided to try smoking it because I heard that you could and I was curious. I had a very powerful lucid dream ( I actually did not put the two together until researching my experience to write to you. I would not necessarily recommend smoking it though, the day after I awoke with an awful headache that encompassed my entire head with a feeling of heaviness, cloudiness, and pain.

    It has now been 16 days since I’ve drunk/smoked mugwort. I’ve had 2 lucid dreams in that time (I just include this as a reference point for how often I gain lucidity with and without mugwort). Maybe I will try the tea again tonight.

    So far I guess my analysis would be that there is something to drinking mugwort. Whether it helps to gain lucidity or not is yet to be determined, but I would say it does seem to increase the vividness and power in the dreams. Also, I would be curious to research more the difference of drinking it every day for 1 week, verse once every two weeks. I’ll send you an update in a couple months and I look forward to reading more about your experience.

    Thank you for this post. I enjoyed reading someone else’s perspective on this plant.


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