Ascension 101

Today I am clearing up the ideas around a New Age Concept called Ascension.  A lot of New Age speak talks about how one must go through a process of Ascension (perhaps into the 4th or 5th dimension).  There is also talk of moving from “one reality” to “another”.

It’s very important to understand here, that human egos are fallible.  Their nature is to create separateness from the other in order to allow the self to “exist”.  The ego needs concepts, names, duality; and the ego especially loves a bit of New Age talk about spirituality!

In the bible, Jesus goes through the ascension process, he “ascends” into heaven after his resurrection… the problem comes with how a human mind interprets this message.  Does that mean Jesus floated up into the sky?  Or is it symbolic for something else?

This ascension process is not what it seems.  The process is one of growth in understanding and the transcending of duality.  How your mind plays that our for you may mean aliens beaming you up…or you teleporting to a far off land, but for most of us it simply means the breaking down of the appearance of self within awareness.  You begin to understand and live in a different way as you are now in synchronisation with the all-that-is.  You no longer see “objects” as separate from yourself, but understand the world arising is one where there is no self, and no object- just awareness.

It seems this process can be gradual or instantaneous, and it can cause great suffering or bliss.  One may then begin to understand the true workings of the mind/body/soul/universe at work and the lines between these concepts may become blurred (making space for such concepts as telepathy, out-of-body-experiences, mystical experiences etc.).

The state of harmony that ensues this can often be called “5th dimensional living”.  In this state, all is seen as compassion.  There can be nothing else than compassion when all else falls away.  To inhabit a space where all just is, is to be compassionate with that level of being- to be in concurrence with it.  However, it doesn’t mean that everything or everyone you ever knew simply disappears, it just means the eyes through which the universe sees itself has expanded.  Where-as before you were seeing through one set of eyes, you now see through all eyes from a space of pure being.

As you go through this growth process, things may alter in your life or things may stay exactly the same- there is no difference to you anymore.  This is what “ascension” is about- the space and vastness of not being contracted into a false nature, (and seeing it was your own self-created limitation anyway!).

Ascension is about the journey of awareness through space and time, through matter and non-matter.  It is about the experience of penetrating all that exists to the extent that awareness becomes null and void entirely as a concept, as a thought, and as a consciousness pattern!

Ascension is (typically*) not:

  • Teleporting to another planet
  • Spontaneously combusting
  • Shooting off into the sky
  • Aliens coming to take you away
  • Floating inter-dimensionally
  • Getting into a parallel universe (win!)

Ascension is:

  • The experience of expansion of awareness
  • The transcending of duality
  • Realising that all is illusory (no real/unreal)
  • Continual growth/expansion into the cosmos
  • A natural process since the beginning of time (you have always been “ascending”)
  • Wonderful/miraculous/terrifying/confusing
  • Completely unimportant (is what it is!)


*I use this as there are some mind/body/soul systems that have incredibly creative experiences in connection with the ascension process, and this is just to do with their own karmic manifestation more than anything else!  It is not to say that any of these experiences are true/untrue, real/not real, or that anybody else will experience the process in the same way… just that for that being, that’s the way it happens for them!


Now we know what Ascension really is… how do we ascend?

Well the answer is you don’t!  There’s nothing for you to do- the process will unfold or not, and even if you don’t go through a conscious experience, that doesn’t mean you “aren’t ascending”- it just means you’re not taking the direct experience path of the ascension route… you’re taking a different path (and that means all is good and well in the ever-expanding universe!).

So again it seems- I’ve written an utterly pointless blog… Enjoy! 🙂







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