How The World Comes Into Being

That you are not in the world, but that the world is in you is a spiritual cliche.  It is thrown around here, there and everywhere.  However, just because words gather pattern in speech, doesn’t mean we should overlook their intrinsic value.

Today I will explain, perhaps irrelevantly, the process of how the mind forms the world.

As a regular practitioner of lucid dreaming, I practice remaining conscious throughout the process of sleep/dreams.  I train myself to keep my consciousness “switched on”.  Over the years, I have found remaining conscious whilst falling asleep become easier.  What I seemed to overlook was the process of “waking up”.

Recently, I began to become more conscious of the process of waking up out of sleep.  Once I managed to stay fully conscious during this process, I was able to witness what you might call, the formation of the physical world.

For whatever reason, my experience of transitioning from waking to sleeping/dreaming, and sleeping/dreaming to waking differs slightly.

Process of falling asleep:

  • The body becomes heavy and numb
  • The mind begins to slow
  • Breathing slows
  • A slipping away, a falling away of the world
  • Blackness accompanies voidness
  • Flickering, chaotic, fast paced mental images becoming more colourful, vibrant, vivid
  • The mind ties itself to a specific image/scene
  • The mind expands to become the scene
  • Consciousness is transferred into a lucid dreaming perspective (540 degrees)

I have fallen asleep this way many times, and for me this is the process.  If I wish to “direct” the mental images that ensue, this is possible, but if I simply observe the process, seemingly random images will endure.  I am very familiar with this whole process and so my fear is gone which means the process is a lot more fluid than my mind would allow before.

However, more recently I have been waking up out of sleep/dreaming consciously and the process seems to be more of a “pulling” out of, then an “entering in”.

The process of awakening consciously from sleep:

  • The dream is “swept away” by a ‘wind’
  • The dream looses all colour and form, images are washed away
  • The wind seems to “pull” consciousness from the dream
  • There is a whiteness, a void
  • A solid centre appears in this white void (where the body usually is)
  • Consciousness is drawn into this solid centre and “recognises” the body
  • The scene fills out from the centre outwards
  • Consciousness becomes the “centre” of a 360 degree mode of existing
  • The body remains paralysed, and feeling takes a few seconds to return
  • As feeling returns the eyes open and perspective takes on a 180 degree view (looking from inside the body to out)

Comparing these ways of falling into/out of sleep, it would seem the move into dreaming is one of COMPLETE expansion, and the move out of dreaming is a COMPLETE focusing.  It would seem the move into dreaming is the out breath, and the move out of dreaming is the in breath.

Seemingly the last breath of a dying person is the out-breath.  This would lead me to intuit that sleeping/dreaming really is “the cousin of death”, and that the processes of living, sleeping/dreaming, and dying are simply fractals (as above, so below).

I have been toying with the idea, that this process is also how each moment operates- that the world becomes anew in every moment.   If this is the case, all it would take to radically alter each life decision you made, in each now moment, would be one (fully conscious/present) in-out breath.

It is a given now, that in my experience, the world is not a solid object “out there”, it is a constant shifting energy that responds to what goes on “inside” your mind/body.  There is no object, just a mass of ever-shifting relativities.  In view to living consciously, this means that every moment, every breath, is key to the formation of the always-arising world.  To “buy into” the external illusory world is to hand over your own artists’ hand in sculpting that world.

We are all born with breath, and that means we are all born with the right to co-create the arising world that we participate in.  Each time you take a breath, remember the stream of energy you exhale is informing the same energy you inhale in the same moment.

With each breath you bring the world into existence again… why not make it a world you feel at home in?


Enjoy! 🙂





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  1. Thanks for this post. Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking about this same thing. How the process of falling asleep differs from the process of waking up. I love how you compared it to the inhale and exhale, expansion and focusing. I think looking at it this way may help me with slowing down the process and controlling it more. So thanks for sharing that insight. It seems you have a good grip on on this. I am just beginning to have the ability to observe and analyze the process.

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