The Power of Dreams In Daily Life



I am an expert in dreams- I’m an expert in dreams because I am a complete novice.  The only tools in my kit are open-mindedness, the desire to learn and the will to do so.  If you want to get anywhere in dreamtime, anything more than this and you are destined to fail.

That’s because in dreamtime…there are no rules.  There are as many ways to explore as there are people to do it.  Your dreamtime is of your own creation.  Everything you experience is created and annihilated by your mind itself.  In dreamtime, you are the Creator and the Experiencer.  There is no separation between you the Dreamer, and the Dream.

One could argue this is also the same in what is called waking or physical life.  You can find out for yourself through the exploration of dreams…

For now, let’s keep with dreams as they are from a physical, embodied perspective.

Dreams are what happen when you go to sleep.  Sometimes, you can dream when in deep meditation.  Sometimes you can daydream.  Sometimes you can be “awake” in your dreams.  Sometimes, you can control your dreams…when this begins to happen, you realise there is a thin line between reality and all other experience.

Through my dreamlife I have to come to realise that there is no such thing as reality.  There are different levels that you experience what you think is “reality”, at.  Reality becomes simply exchangeable for awareness.  You begin to realize that the only reality there is, is the reality of immediate awareness itself.  I am aware of the conditions of the physical world.  I am aware of the conditions of the dreamworld.  The moment you experience for yourself the true non-reality of one world, you instantly realise the equal non-reality of all other worlds.  It is impossible to say one world is real when the only consistency is an underlying perceiving awareness that pervades all “worlds”.

Everything I have learnt about dreams and waking life is through constantly observing the underlying nature of my own experience.  What is it that I am experiencing?  Where does the objective experience sit?  Who is it that is experiencing?  Where are my limits?

The reason I have found the answer in my dreams is because dreamtime is perceived as “not real” by mainstream society and the physical world, and this instilled the initial belief in a duality of the two for me. Now when you question that, you have already reached a threshold of the concept of reality.  What makes waking life real?  What makes dream life unreal?  By my underlying experience of them, they have the same realness. A memory of a dream is no different from a memory of waking life.  When re-called, they both seem to “replay” in the same way.  Their underlying nature is the same.  The only way I managed to question the realness of waking life was by having an alternative of an unreal dreamlife.

Our waking life is very much controlled by the exterior world, we seem to be subject to controls outside of ourselves; however, when we go to sleep, the outside world is turned off by our body via its sensory channels (we could think of these as input/output channels) and so we have the freedom that is always there, but often drowned out from outside noise: the freedom of voidness.  In our void state, there are no rules, there is no time, there is nothing.  Most of the time we have not even a memory of this period when we sleep, yet who can say that we are still existing or not?

In our void state, we have a tabula rasa.  Awareness is then free to arise again, however this time, subject to no rules.  This is why in dreams, absolutely nothing is impossible.  You can fly, you can walk through walls, you can experience telepathy, and every now and then some completely new idea or thought can arise that is completely beyond any conception ever conceived at all, providing you are not too attached to a fixed idea of the physical world. Many inventions enter our physical world this way.

This is a place outside of time and space.  And this is a place where any thought that has or will exist, is stored.  I like to think of it as a kind of plasmic jelly that anything can enter or exit from.  There are no limits here.  And therefore, there are no “good” or “bad” distinctions.  Everything just is.  This is a place where you do not exist as you know yourself in your waking life, and that means your experience of situations just are. However, when you wake up and become an embodied person again, your attachments to what you have experienced whilst asleep pour in.  Those with particularly strong or fixed attachments may try to block what they experience whilst asleep as they are too attached to their own egoic identity, and their strong beliefs in how things should or should not be.  There are many spiritual practices that speak about non-attachment, and this is precisely why.  In order to fully realize the true nature of what is, you really must be a blank canvas, and have a “beginners mind” with every moment.

So how can you begin to explore your dreamtime?

Most elementarily, the answer lies within our will.  Your will is what determines your action in each moment.  All you have to do is use your free will to direct your thoughts.  Before you sleep, think to yourself or say out loud: I will be aware of my dreams (and really mean it with all your might!).  Do this every night you sleep and even do it during the day if you remember to do so.  This will begin a process that means you can re-collect your dreams in the morning.  Every morning you wake, take a few minutes to try to remember your dream.  Just observe what you experienced and how you felt without any judgement.

And that’s it.  This process will trigger the growth of your dream consciousness and the rest will unravel itself.  You may begin to realise that with the growth of knowledge of your dreams, your waking life begins to be seen in a different way, which enables you to begin to understand the nature of “reality”.  No outside source is required and nobody has this knowledge to give you, you have all you need within you ready for un-covering at any time- and there’s no time like the present…



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