Book Coming Soon…

A teaser of my book coming soon… will be available via Amazon Kindle and Paperback.




Dream Coding:  The Ultimate Guide To Hyper-Reality (Excerpt):


“It’s like I once had building with many floors. I could separate the basement, the penthouse and the ground floor I stood on. Life was all very separate and I was observing the floor from inside myself. Once my awakening began, these different floors began to merge so that nothing was off bounds. The floors became a merged territory that I could navigate. I am still learning to navigate these floors however, with a home on Ground Zero. It’s like I explore all of these different ways of being but each day I come back to being human. Before the other floors of the building seemed to be almost mythical, when now I find that they are just other modes of existence that I have access to, and I still have the feeling of self but I experience myself as the entire building. Only, a lot of people seem to have no knowledge or experience of the other floors. Every day I come back to Ground Zero, and everybody on the floor is only existing on that one floor, but I’m trying to explain “hey guys, you should check out the penthouse-its got great views!”, some people on Ground zero also know about the other floors, some have an inkling that there could be other floors but don’t know where the lift is. And some enjoy their floor so much that they are too scared to see the other floors fearing they will loose access to Ground Zero. But when you see the other floors, you realise you are actually the entire building but the only way to experience each floor is to be a person on each floor, otherwise you’d never be able to experience all of the rooms and floors and people you contain.”- Foreword to Dream Coding (2017), authored by Kelly J. Rose (Founder of Mindfulness Minutes).


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